Organizing Your Own College Homework Schedule: A Quick Guide

Homework is an extremely important part of learning in college. There is no way you can learn everything you need to know during your lectures in the classroom. It is expected that your classroom time only introduces the information you are to learn and then you are to do the expanded learning on your own through homework. Here is a quick guide to help you organize your won college homework schedule:

  • Keep a notepad that is a consolidation of all of your homework assignments. It is best to do it in calendar form so you know what is expected of you each day.
  • Prioritize your assignments. It is best to do the most difficult assignments first so that you are the freshest. If you have to complete a long assignment, break it down into pieces and take a 15 minute break in between pieces so you stay fresh longer.
  • Seek help as soon as you have a problem. If you find you are having difficulty completing an assignment, make sure you get the help you need immediately. Don’t let your confusion on a topic or concept multiply by not getting help right away. It is critical to understand the work you are doing so that you can understand things as they get more complicated. Seek out your professor first for help. After that try your classmates or someone who has already taken the course. If you can’t get your problem solved by these means you can turn to the internet.
  • You can look at resources to find the answer the passive way or you can actively get help by turning to one of the many sites that have been created to help you. Most of the time you will have to pay for the help but it will be best in the long run if they help you.
  • Don’t fall behind – Don’t let your work pile up so you have too much to do. You will never be able to do a good job on the work if you have to do it in a hurry to meet a deadline. Do the work as soon as you can so you can relax while you are completing the assignments. If you are relaxed, you will retain the information better.

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