Creating A Playlist: How To Select Music For Doing Homework

Many students find it difficult to concentrate on their homework. However, music can help you get rid of distracting noises and focus on your tasks. Of course, not any music is good for maintaining concentration. For example, songs with distinguishable lyrics are more likely to distract you rather than help. If you want to create a perfect playlist, you should know what genres to include in it.

How to Choose Music for a Good Homework Playlist

  1. Include classical music.
  2. You cannot go wrong with classical music. There are many studies that prove that it doesn’t only help students concentrate but even improves their performance. There are plenty of great composers of classical music to choose from, so take your time and pick compositions that you like the most.

  3. Include jazz music.
  4. There are many jazz performers who play great instrumental music. Smooth jazz is probably the best subgenre to select for your playlist. It rarely has unexpected changes in melody and rhythm breaks inherent to other jazz subgenres. You may also select jazz bands depending on instruments that you like to listen to (guitar, piano, saxophone, etc.)

  5. Include ambient music.
  6. Listening to ambient music during your work is great for concentration. It doesn’t have catchy melodies that can distract you. On the contrary, it creates an atmosphere that makes it easier for you to focus on your assignments. However, it’s not advisable to choose particular ambient subgenres, like dark ambient, for example.

  7. Include folk or medieval music.
  8. There are plenty of folk tunes that you can listen to during your work. You may choose from Western European, Balkan, Arabian, Asian, or any other music. You may also select folk music depending on the instrument that you’d like to listen to (accordion, mandolin, banjo, etc.)

  9. Include post-rock music.
  10. If you like to listen to rock and metal music, you may add a few post-rock bands to your playlist. This subgenre flows rather smoothly and often doesn’t contain any lyrics that can distract you. Even some post-metal bands can be suitable for your playlist.

Tips for Preparing for Dealing with Homework

Good music choice cannot guarantee that you’ll complete your assignments successfully. You should make particular preparations before you get to work. First of all, make sure that you have needed textbooks, notes, and other materials at hand. Secondly, eliminate factors that can interrupt your work: tell your parents not to disturb you, close the door to your room, and switch off your mobile phone.