Pros And Cons Of Online Homework: What The Experts Have To Say

In the 21st century, with the increasing use of tablets, laptops, computers and other electronic devices in the educational system, it is hardly surprising that many students will have to do their work online. In fact, there are some systems that are specifically designed in order to enable students to work directly through the Internet, or using software that incorporates online technology in some way.

Of course, as with most educational teaching methods, there are pros and cons to online homework. Some of the pros and cons been outlined below.


  • It can be quick and easy to do research
  • Students will often need to do research as part of the work and, therefore, the fact that students will already be online can make it quick and easy to find out any necessary information.

  • Students learn about technology whilst doing the work
  • Students will need to know more and more about technology, particularly as many jobs involve the use of computers and other technological devices these days. Therefore, it is essential that younger generations grow up using technological devices as often as possible as part of their education. Therefore, by doing work online, not only can students learn about a particular subject that they are studying, but they can improve their technological and computer skills at the same time.

  • It can be quicker and easier in terms of marking, as well as receiving and returning work
  • There are other practical benefits to doing work online, such as the fact that it can sometimes make marking the work much easier. In fact, this can sometimes take teachers a considerable amount of time. Furthermore, it can be easier for students to hand the work in, as well as for the work to be returned quickly and easily. By the way, law assignment help is always available online.


  • A disparity in wealth can create imbalances
  • One possible disadvantage to requiring students to the work online is that some will be richer than others and, therefore, will have better access to a range of technology. Therefore, this has the potential to create an imbalance within the classroom.

  • Working online can be distracting
  • Another drawback is that, if students are working online, then they will most likely have access to social media and a wide range of other websites, which could be particularly distracting when they are trying to do the work.